Educational Indoor Activities For Kids That May Help Them In Future

As schools are closed and public places shut to prevent the spread of COVID-19, children have been forced to remain indoors for a year now. The pandemic is certainly impacting learning and education too. Hence, it is important for children to be engaged in educational indoor activities to ensure their learning continues and they develop new useful skills.

Here are some of the educational indoor activities for kids:

Teach a new skill to your kid: As a parent, you can teach your kids how to type, how to surf the internet safely, how to do simple cooking, doing basic cleaning around the house. As per the requirement and interest of your kid, you can introduce the skill sets and help them to learn.

Tell kids about a new country or culture: You can teach your kids about new countries and their culture by trying new cuisines, embracing the culture of new places through activities. Use a map for the purpose and let them identify the places.

Storytelling and story writing: Let your children use their imagination to tell you a story or simply they can write it down and later read it aloud. This will boost their confidence and help them in improving their writing/communication skills. You can also reward them to boost their efforts.

Start art and craft projects: Activities related to art and craft are a good creativity boost and keep the kids busy while they are at home. They can learn how to make useful objects/arts from of waste products. This life skill will always help them to use things cautiously.

Perform easy science experiments at home: There are several easy and safe experiments that can be done at home to get your children interested in science. Assist them and perform experiments on growing salt or sugar crystals on a string, reflection and refraction, and other simple experiments.

Make Math fun: Enable your kids to learn things like multiplication through play using flashcards, playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with a twist where kids are required to multiply the fingers that come up, or even playing a few rounds of multiplication wars with playing cards.

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