If NEET Continues for Few More Years, There May Not be Enough Expert Doctors to Employ in Govt Hospitals: Report

If the centralised medical entrance exam — NEET — continues then there might not be enough expert doctors for being employed in the Government Hospitals, reveals 165 pages report of Retired Justice Rajan Committee titled “Report of the High-Level Committee To Study The Impact of NEET on Medical Admissions in Tamil Nadu”. The Justice AK Rajan committee was formed by the government of Tamil Nadu to study the socio-economic impact of NEET.

The 165-pages report is finally released. This is the report basis on which the Tamil Nadu assembly has voted against having the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). The state has sought exemption from the centralised exam for its students. The state govt suggests that students should be enrolled on colleges based on class 12 marks instead of NEET.

Students who have been enrolled in MBBS courses via NEET have performed poorly than those enrolled based on class 12 marks, the report reveals.

If NEET continues for a few more years, “the health care system of Tamil Nadu will be very badly affected,” the report states. It adds that as a result, ultimately Tamil Nadu may go back to pre-independence days. Tamil Nadu as a State would go down in the rank among States, in the Medical and Health Care system, states the report.

The report also suggests that NEET is skewed towards students from wealthy families. NEET is dangerous to the robust public health system prevailing in Tamil Nadu. “Those who get admitted based on NEET are primarily from urban, affluent, educated families. We found that 70% of students when they finish their PG course chose to work with private corporate hospitals. But it was not the case before the introduction of NEET. Earlier, 70% of students chose to work with government hospitals. Therefore I would say NEET is destructive, it shatters the public health system,” Dr Jawahar Nesan, a member of Justice AK Rajan committee had told

Justice AK Rajan committee comprises nine members including the state Health Secretary, Director of Medical Education. The committee received around 90000 responses from the public about the impact of NEET. The committee had worked for a month to submit a 165-page report to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

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