74% Parents Willing to Send Children Back to School: Survey

As many as 74 per cent of parents are willing to send their children back to school and believe that a complete school experience is possible only with the reopening. About 72 per cent of parents in Bengaluru, 69 per cent in Hyderabad, 73 per cent in Chennai, and 66 per cent in Pune prefer sending their wards back to school, according to a survey by edtech company, LEAD.

About 59 per cent parents of primary and secondary students believe children suffered learning loss while 22 per cent say vaccination of school staff is a top priority for full physical attendance.

Besides, 55 per cent of parents staying in metro cities rated social distancing as most critical, followed by healthcare facilities at 54 per cent, whereas 52 per cent parents from non-metros said social distancing, as well as sports, are equally important. The survey was conducted amongst 10,500 metro and non-metro parents whose wards study between classes 1 to 10.

Voicing challenges faced by children and parents during the pandemic amid ‘work from home’ and ‘school from home’, 47 per cent of parents in metro cities spent between three to four hours a day in their children’s school as compared to 44 per cent in non-metros, the study revealed. Further, the survey indicated that 63 per cent of parents feel that engagement in a physical classroom leads to better social interaction amongst children.

Only 40 per cent of parents in non-metros said that their children studied on a personal computer, while close to 60 per cent parents in metros indicated that their child learned on a computer or laptop even after a year into the lockdown. Most students from non-metros attended schools via smartphones, the survey said.

According to the data, virtual learning has been a cause of worry for non-metro parents than metro parents when it comes to skillsets for the future. 53 per cent metro parents rated problem-solving and logical reasoning as the most important skill, as against 47 per cent of non-metro parents. Half (50 per cent) of the metro parents felt digital literacy was an important skill, as against just 45 per cent non-metro parents. Vocational exposure and skills, ethical and moral listening, and coding and computational skills, were some of the other skills that parents in metros believed were important.

While 70 per cent of parents in both metros and non-metros said both the parents were involved in their children’s learning activities, while 21 per cent in metros said only mothers were involved in their children’s education which is a little higher when compared to non-metros (18 per cent).

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