UPSC Civil Services 2021 Tomorrow: Exam Tips by Toppers

The preliminary exam of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) civil service 2021 will be held tomorrow, October 10. As many as 9 lakh students apply every year for almost 900 seats, thus making it one of the toughest exams in the country. With just a few hours left, here are some exam tips by toppers that can help aspirants secure a spot at the mains exams.

Satyam Gandhi

Hailing from Bihar, Satyam has managed to clear the civil services in his very first attempt and secured AIR 10. He started preparing for UPSC in 2019 and used to study 12-13 hours daily. He made cracking the prelims his priority and focused on general studies maximum. Besides books, his self-prepared notes also helped in clearing the exam. By taking 120 mock tests, Satyam also realised his weak points. He took the help of online coaching platforms which provided guidance for clearing the interview round.

Shahansha KS

Shahansha KS has secured the All India Rank 142 at the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Exam (CSE) 2020. The son of a shopkeeper and school teacher, he cracked the UPSC CSE in his seventh attempt. He is also a professional athlete and trained with the SAI. He says, “Failure is part of athletics, so I know how to persevere. The same formula applies to UPSC. There is no particular strategy to crack the exam. Only hard work and perseverance are the key.”

Rallapalli Jagath Sai

Rallapalli Jagath Sai who cracked the UPSC civil services exam in his fifth attempt and secured AIR 32 says failure can be your biggest teacher. He says it “takes a lot of self-encouragement and drive to continue on the journey for so many years.” He also goes on to say that the key to any competitive exam is not just the candidate’s performance but also relative performance.

Faizan Ahmed

Faizan Ahmed has cracked UPSC CSE in his second attempt securing AIR 58. He says preparation for the exam was not just about academics but also included learning and unlearning social skills. It meant getting out of his comfort zone, and being more communicative. He studied for an average of 8-10 hours daily.

Dheeraj Thakur

A resident of Himachal Pradesh’s Sural village in the Pangi tribal area of Chamba district, Dheeraj has secured 615th rank in the UPSC CSE 2020. He cleared the exam in his fourth attempt and says he did not give up on his hope of clearing one of the toughest exams in the country even after failing 3 times. “It does not matter how many hours you study. It matters how effectively you do it when you sit for your studies,” says Dheeraj. He also took guidance from his seniors, teachers, and relatives to prepare for the exam.

Jagrati Awasthy

Bhopal girl Jagrati Awasthy who secured rank 2 says her strategy was to utilise the time with her to the fullest. She did not let the exam delay or the COVID-19 crisis get to her. “I used the negative news as motivation. I always thought people do not even have enough to eat during this crisis. I acknowledge that I am privileged and it’s my duty to study hard and become a part of the system,” she says.

Sisters Ankita Jain Tyagi and Vaishali Jain

The elder sister Ankita has obtained rank 3 while Vaishali grabbed AIR 21. Both the sisters claim to have shared notes and helped each other stay motivated throughout their journey. It’s crucial that one is familiar with the syllabus and has their basics clear, the sister says. Ankita adds that the failed attempts had helped her in understanding the exam pattern better.

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