‘Don’t Lose Hope, Focus on Improving Skills’: ANAROCK Group’s Sukhdeep Aurora on Jobs

The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc not just on humans but also the job market, economy, and other means of survival. India, too, had to face the job crisis during the Covid-19 period. Now, things are slowly improving and the economy is also limping back to normal.

Sukhdeep Aurora, the Chief People Officer of ANAROCK Group, has shared his views in an exclusive conversation with News18. He talks about the new job opportunities post-Covid and the skills that can help you rise in your field.

So here are some of the important parts from his exclusive conversation with News18:

What can people do who have lost their jobs during the pandemic?

Don’t lose hope and have faith in yourself, focus on improving your skills. You must have noticed that the pandemic has pushed technology forward in most businesses. If possible, start pursuing some technical courses related to your work experience. This will add value to your resume. It will also increase your confidence.

After the pandemic, several courses are running online. Should people pursue these courses and will companies give preference to these courses?

You should first identify your existing skills. I mean if you’re good at sales, look for technical courses that relate to your skills. For example, the social media marketing course. If you are a teacher, join courses related to e-learning skills. Build your profile and post your resume on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. You can also find jobs on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you think that the recruitment process has changed post-COVID-19?

The model of zoom interview is emerging but I hope the physical interview will be useful for main recruitment in future. However, recruiters are using internet-based tools for everything — from candidate searches to background checks. The online world has become extremely vibrant during the pandemic. The more you learn about these technologies, the higher your chances are of getting a good job.

How to prepare for the interviews?

Understand the business of the company you are applying to. Know the firm’s objectives, priorities and ways of doing business. For example, having a strong retail sales background is good, but it won’t help you much when it comes to selling properties or website services.

What kind of new jobs will be created in the present scenario?

Sales and marketing jobs will continue to be available, but there will be an increased responsibility for technical skills. This is a great time to improve your software coding or social media marketing skills.

Can you share the information on new job opportunities?

There has been a resurgence in the real estate business, especially in housing and commercial properties. For example, companies like ANAROCK are looking for people with property sales experience for driving real estate marketing.

Tell us about your company’s recruitment process and how job seekers can apply to your company?

The ANAROCK website has a career section from where the candidates can apply. The email ID to send relevant applications is [email protected] ANAROCK expects well-crafted resumes along with proper covering letters. They regularly post new job opportunities on their LinkedIn.

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