Five Interesting and Unusual Courses That You Didn’t Know Existed

The pandemic brought a significant shift in the paradigm of learning and imparting knowledge. According to a UN report, due to COVID-19, students could lose $17 trillion in lifetime earnings, as the hindrance faced by the education system could affect future productivity.

Therefore, it is only wise to diverge from the conventional professions and do something unique. Universities across the world have widened their spectrum of courses and are offering some very peculiar courses. So, here are some courses offered by universities that you might be unaware of:

Fermentation Sciences

Fermenting is an art concocted with the help of fields such as biochemistry, biology, and microbiology. Fermentation is involved in a number of processes and a substantial chunk of the food and beverages we consume today are fermented. Hence, learning about it might open a whole new portal to novel opportunities.

Viticulture and Oenology

This course can teach you the science behind grape cultivation and the manufacturing of wine. Viticulture deals with the grapes, while Oenology is the study of wine-making. While studying the course, you may also get to taste different kinds of wine and visit picturesque grape vineyards.

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Nautical Archaeology

If you love historical excavations and have a knack for diving into blue waters, then Nautical Archaeology is the course for you. The course will teach you the ins and outs of diving and looking for historical debris and ruins. In a way, you will be an underwater archaeologist.

Entertainment Engineering and Design

We all are in awe of how theme parks, carnivals, game parlours, and casinos look. Bright and happy are the two words that come to mind while thinking of these places. Well, there is now a special course that will teach you how to design the environment of such places. It will also include lessons on designing movie sets.


Aliens have never failed to scratch our curiosity and push out bizarre theories out of our minds. If you’re somebody who loves talking about extraterrestrial life, then this course might give you the right tools to make your hobby into a full-fledged profession. The course digs into the origin, future, and evolutionary aspects of extraterrestrial life.

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