IIT Delhi Alumnus Sets-up Pillay Chair Professor to Promote Research in Machine Learning, VLSI Design

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi alumnus Sanjay Pillay, has endowed the ‘Pillay Chair Professor to enhance the institute’s strength to promote excellence and leadership in teaching, research, and development in machine learning, VLSI design, and sensors in the electrical engineering department.

Pillay, a student of BTech degree in electrical engineering, batch 1991, wanted to establish the chair for the electrical engineering department as his father and brother Ajay Pillai are also alumni from the department while his sister is an alumna from the civil engineering department. “He wishes to dedicate this chair to his loving and remarkable family,” IIT Delhi said.

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He is an experienced entrepreneur, innovator, technology leader and specialises in functional safety and EDA tool development. It also includes audio, video, data compression, design analysis, and fault coverage algorithms.

He founded Austemper Design Systems in 2015. The company’s software tests that chips are safe from electrical faults resulting from high temperatures, radiation, vibration, and other factors in automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications where high reliability is mandatory. The tools can also suggest changes to what they identify as vulnerable areas of silicon.

While sharing his experiences as a student at IIT Delhi, Sanjay Pillay said, “IIT Delhi has played an integral role in shaping the person I am today, and I will be forever grateful for the guidance, education, and experience I received here. It is an honor to support IIT Delhi, and my privilege to be associated with the establishment of the chair”.

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Speaking of the chair endowed by Pillay, Prof Jayadeva, head, electrical engineering department said, “The institute welcomes and thanks Pillay for his initiative in Electrical Engineering department – the QS#1 ranked department in India in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The chair professorship will enhance ongoing cutting edge research in IoT and sensors, as well as help focus multiple efforts in AI/ML, VLSI, and sensors”.

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