You Will Fulfil India’s Destiny: PM to IIT Kanpur Students

Your generation has the privilege to realise the dreams which were dreamt for those who dreamt in generations before you, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the 54th convocation of IIT Kanpur. At the event, Modi also launched the first-ever blockchain-driven digital degrees developed by the IIT which is unforgeable.

Applauding the IITians for their new tech-driven initiative, Modi said, this is the century of technology and the dominance of the technology will deepen further. The students graduating today would build the coming 50 years of the country. “You have the responsibility of giving direction to the country for the next 50 years”, he said.

Quoting Swami Vivekanand, PM said, “every nation has a dream to fulfil, a destiny to reach” and if we are not self-reliant (Atmanirbhar), how will India reach its destiny. He said that the students can fulfil these dreams.

These endless opportunities are for you and you have to realise them. When the country will celebrate its 100th year of Independence, the nation will celebrate your efforts, he said.

“You are the best tech-minds but don’t become the robot versions of yourself. Give importance to the human factors. Work on IoT but do not forget the emotions of things. Work on Artificial Intelligence but remember the value of human intelligence. Do run codes but ensure you connect with people of different cultures,” said PM

He ensured students that the government would support them and their dreams. He also warned students not to take shortcuts for success. “If you have to choose between comfort and challenge. Chose challenge,” suggested PM. You will have to face challenges at some point in time. If you run away from them, you will be hunted but if you are looking for challenges you will be the hunter.

Students were made to sit in different halls due to Covid-19 protocol. PM, however, visited both halls to meets students. IIT Kanpur had created bio-bubble at campus to ensure protection of students, PM, staff. Having negative RPCR and rapid covid test on day of the evnt were mandatory among other protocol.

“When you must have enrolled at IIT Kanpur and now when you are leaving the institute, I am sure you must have witnessed a huge change in yourself,” said Modi while addressing students. “Now instead of fear of the unknown, you are going ahead with the dream of exploration… Your query of the unknown must have become the quest for the best,” said PM

“I am sure you must have experienced as much from your friends outside the class as much as you have learnt inside your classrooms,” said Prime Minister.

The skill and knowledge you have gained here would help you lay the foundation of your careers but the personality that you have developed here would motivate you to work towards the development of society as a whole, he said.

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