Chattisgarh English Medium School Admission Forms Full of Spelling Mistakes

The Chhattisgarh government recently notified job openings for English medium schools in the state, however, the online application form is littered with so many spelling errors that people are casting doubts on the creator of the form. The hiring for teaching and non-teaching staff for the government run Swami Atmanand English medium schools in Raipur is going on.

A digital form was made available for applicants on the official website of Raipur’s District Education Officer. However, the form is riddled with basic spelling errors – ones so simple that even a school kid can point them out.

The spelling of ‘Father’ in the form is ‘Fother’, ‘Husbend’ has replaced ‘Husband’ while the spelling of ‘Residential’ is ‘Residencial’. Mayank Thakur, one of the applicants, said he found the spelling errors in the job form’s first page itself. He said when there is hiring taking place for English medium schools, this is a basic aspect that should have been taken care of. Mayank also held the district education officer responsible for this lapse, adding that either the officials didn’t proof-read the form or worse they couldn’t even spot the basic errors.

The vacancies for both teaching and non-teaching staff were listed under Swami Atmanand English Medium School of Excellence Scheme. Appointments have been allotted to schools like Atmanand English Medium School in Kura Dharsiwa, Mana Camp and Abhanpur. Nagar Mata Binni Bai Sonkar School, Bhatagaon; Priyadarshini English Medium School and Pt RD Tiwari English Medium School are also accepting applications. BP Pujari English Medium School, Rajatalab and Shaheed Memorial English Medium School, Fafadih are the other schools where eligible candidates can send online applications by June 24 till 5 pm.

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