UP Govt to Abolish Urban, Rural Cadre For Primary School Teachers

The Minister made these announcements in Kanpur on August 25.

The Minister made these announcements in Kanpur on August 25.

The English-medium schools run by the government will also be closed as the NEP 2020 comes into implementation.

The Uttar Pradesh government has announced plans to abolish the rural and urban cadre for primary school teachers. The process of transfer of primary school teachers from rural areas to urban areas and vice-versa will become easy after the implementation of the decision.

Basic Education Minister Satish Chandra Dwivedi announced that instructions have been given to concerned officials to prepare the proposal for the promotion of primary teachers. The Minister made these announcements in Kanpur on August 25.

Dwivedi asserted that with the abolition of cadres for teachers, the transfer of teachers from rural areas to cities will become an easy process. According to him, there is a surplus of teachers in rural areas of the state while urban areas are facing a shortage. “With the end of the cadres, adequate numbers of teachers will be made available in both urban and rural areas of the state,” he said.

The Minister also informed that the government has decided to close the English-medium schools that were opened in the past few years. It is being done in line with National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, he said.

“All schools will teach the subjects in mother tongue. Preparations for the same have been made by the government,” he said.

The state government in April 2021 had converted 15,000 primary and upper primary schools into English medium in order to “modernize the education system”.

The Minister also made the announcement that headmasters of the schools will be given tablets in coming months. He said that a committee will take the opinion of IIT Kanpur and after that the tender process will be initiated.

Dwivedi also said that if everything goes as planned the process of giving promotion to assistant teachers of primary schools to the post of headmaster will begin soon.

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