JEE Main 2021 Fourth Session Day 3 Exam Analysis: Paper Moderately Difficult, Says Students

The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main 2021 fourth session exam held today – August 31 – was moderately difficult, as per the initial reaction received from students. This is the third day of the fourth session of the engineering entrance exam.

“All in all, it was a moderate paper which can be solved in three hours. The subject-wise difficulty level can be assumed as mathematics, physics, and chemistry,” says Ajay Kumar Sharma, National Academic Director (Engineering).

For a large section of students, the mathematics section could prove to be ticky as it involved several questions with lengthy calculations. There were around seven questions from calculus, five from Algebra, and about four questions from vectors and 3D. There were also four questions from coordinate geometry. Few numerical-based questions required lengthy calculations. Weightage was also given to chapters of circle, progressions, binomial theorem, complex numbers, permutation and combination, probability in algebra as well as limits.

Like math, the physics paper was also of a moderate level. Questions were asked from all the prominent chapters including two questions from optics, five from mechanics, around three from thermodynamics, and two from semiconductors among others. More weightage was given to communication systems, semi-conductors, and electromagnetic induction. According to students, this section was the easiest. Numerical type questions were more in numbers than theoretical questions and almost all numerical were simple formula based. Questions were also asked from kinematics, laws of motion, fluids, current electricity, and AC circuits.

The chemistry section was completely NCERT based. An almost equal number of questions were asked from the physical, inorganic, and organic chemistry. The majority of questions in the numerical value-based section were from physical chemistry. A majority of students said the paper was easy to moderate.

“Organic and inorganic chemistry were given more weightage compared to physical chemistry. Inorganic chemistry had mostly questions from NCERT. Questions were asked from like environmental chemistry, chemistry in everyday life, ores and metallurgy, and p-block elements. In organic chemistry, questions were asked from carbonyl compounds, amines, and alcohols. Physical chemistry had questions from electrochemistry and chemical kinetics,” said Ramesh Batlish, Head, FIITJEE Noida.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is expected to declare the result for the fourth and last session of JEE Main 2021 and announce the rank list by September 10. The selected candidates who make it through the top 2.5 lakh ranks will be eligible to apply for JEE Advanced – IIT entrance from September 12 onwards.

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