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Teachers Day 2021: Some easy speech ideas for students on Happy Teacher’s Day

Teachers Day 2021
– PC : Amar Ujala

In the shadow of the outbreak of the global infectious pandemic Covid-19, this time for the second consecutive year, we are going to celebrate National Teachers Day on 5th September. Along with the changing nature of school education during the Covid-19 pandemic period, the nature of Teacher’s Day celebrations has also changed. But despite all these challenges coming the way, the students can make this day memorable for their teachers in honor of the work that they do selflessly. Many times, the students are not able to give gifts according to their capacity due to financial problems, but they can express their gratitude towards the teachers because the teachers are not hungry for any gift but for respect. So let’s know about some special ideas from which the students can prepare a great speech and a letter of gratitude.


The students can prepare the speech on these topics:


  1. When and why is National Teachers Day celebrated?

  2. How did the teachers help in studies during the Covid-19 period?

  3. Describe the most special things about your favorite teacher.

  4. Tell them if a teacher has scolded you and after that you have changed.

  5. Explain the importance of a teacher in the life of a student.

  6. You can share an interesting memory with yourself and the teacher.

  7. Can tell about the great personalities who have made incomparable contributions in the field of education.

  8. Share special things from the life of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan with others.

  9. Apart from India, in which other countries is Teacher’s Day celebrated?


The students should keep these things in mind


While sending letters to teachers or giving speeches in school and colleges on Teacher’s Day, do not forget to salute the teachers and take their blessings while greeting them. This is the first thing the student should do in the letter and speech. The students can also include quotes, effective lines, and interesting poems from some great personalities to make the letter and statement more effective, impressive and impactful.  


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